Hypex FusionAmp Remote Kit

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All models of the FusionAmp range can be extended with this Fusion Remote Kit. This set... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hypex FusionAmp Remote Kit"

All models of the FusionAmp range can be extended with this Fusion Remote Kit. This set contains a PCBA with IR receiver
and bi-colour LED, a plexiglas front with double adhesive tape, 2 lightpipes and the necessary cable (125cm).

You can mount this kit from the inside or outside of the speaker cabinet.

This set must be used in master devices if the Hypex remote is to be used (remote not included).
Furthermore, this set can also be added in slave devices, but the IR functionality will be disabled. The green LED acts as on-off indicator, the
red LED mirrors the protect indicator.

Pre ordering only, shipping starts in May. First come, first serve

- PCBA with IR receiver, bi-colour LED
- Plexiglas front
- sheet of double adhesive tape
- 2pcs light pipes
- 5 pin cable 125cm

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