Wavecor SW310WA01 Tieftöner, 8 Ohm

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Wavecor SW310WA01, Tieftonchassis mit einer hochfesten Aluminium Membrane The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wavecor SW310WA01 Tieftöner, 8 Ohm"

Wavecor SW310WA01, Tieftonchassis mit einer hochfesten Aluminium Membrane

The SW310WA01
woofer is designed for dedicated subwoofer applications. It works equally well for high-end hi-fi, high quality home theater systems, and top multimedia setups.

The extremely stiff aluminium cone, the long linear throw, exaggerated ventilation, and the special dynamic linearization short circuiting rings together makes up for an unusually linear and low-distortion woofer. Even at very high signal levels, the unit behaves controlled and without distortion.

Due to low mechanical losses SW310WA02 masters equally well low level details and extreme dynamic requirements.


  • Extremely rigid aluminium cone to ensure piston motion at high levels and for better heat transfer at high continuous power levels
  • Die cast alu chassis with additional spacers for optimal ventilation and increased stroke
  • Vented cone neck for reduced distortion and compression
  • Vented chassis for lower air flow speed reducing audible distortion
  • Heavy-duty black fiber glass voice coil bobbin to reduce mechanical losses resulting in better dynamic performance and low-level details
  • Large motor system with 2" voice coil diameter and 145mm magnet for better control and efficiency
  • Black-anodized magnet structure steel parts for increased heat dissipation and power handling
  • Two built-in alu field stabilizing rings for reduced high-level distortion (see drawing)
  • Long linear stroke motor for reduced distortion at high levels
  • Linear suspension with specially designed CONEX damper (spider) for long durability under extreme operating conditions
  • 4-layer voice coil for increased control and better small-cabinet performance

Technische Daten:

  • Nominal size: 12¼ inch.
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Recommended upper frequency limit: 300 Hz
  • Recommended cabinet volume (ported design): 50-100 lit.
  • Sensitivity, 2.83V/1m, (average 500-5,000Hz): 85 dB
  • Voice coil diameter: 50.95 mm
  • Voice coil height: 30.9 mm
  • Air gap height: 8 mm
  • Voice coil resistance, RDC: 6.3 Ohm
  • Voice coil inductance: 2.5 mH
  • Magnet weight: 2.7 kg
  • Effective radiating area, Sd: 513 sq.cm
  • Power handling, continuous, IEC 268-5: 250 W
  • Resonance freq., Fs: 28.5 Hz
  • Moving mass, incl. air, free air: 180 g
  • Force factor, Bxl: 18.1 Tm
  • Mechanical Q, Qm: 11.5
  • Electrical Q, Qe: 0.62
  • Total Q, Qt: 0.59
  • Suspension compliance, Cms: 0.175 mm/N
  • Equiv. air volume, Vas: 65 lit.
  • Total unit net weight: 6.5 k
Treiberarten: Tieftöner
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