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Hypex DLCP 6-Kanal DSP Board, inkl. zugehörigem Hypex Add-On Set und Hypex DLCP SMPS /... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hypex DLCP DSP, Add On Board + Netzteil Paket"

Hypex DLCP 6-Kanal DSP Board, inkl. zugehörigem Hypex Add-On Set und Hypex DLCP SMPS / Netzteil

Herstellerbeschreibung DSP Board: The “DLCP” is a complete hardware / firmware platform for digitally filtered (6 channels) and corrected active multiway loudspeakers. Digital response correction allows significant extra degrees of freedom in the acoustic design of a loudspeaker. Driver parameters can be selected for best efficiency and distortion instead of electrical damping, and the cabinet can now be fully optimized for radiation pattern.

Lieferumfang: DSP board, Add-On Board + Zubehör, Netzteil

Spezifikation DSP Board:


  • High-end consumer audio
  • Digital pre amplifier
  • Active speakers up to six-way
  • Three-way stereo active system
  • PA systems
  • Studio monitors


  • Compact design
  • Personal Computer controlled
  • Input sample rates up to 192kHz
  • Balanced Analogue and digital inputs/outputs
  • Digital balanced audio loop-through
  • Low-jitter discrete clock oscillator
  • Six channel active filtering
  • Fully user-configurable filters
  • Firmware updateable by USB
  • Separate Clock and Data Paths
  • Six user configurable analogue balanced outputs
  • High-Level outputs permit direct interface with NC400 / buffered UcD™ ST and HG power amplifiers
  • Analogue input gain trim
  • 9 local regulators
  • IIR filtering
  • 96kHz processor sampling rate
  • Stand-by mode
  • On board Molex Microfit output Connectors
  • Connector for external LED

Key mechanical data

  • Compact: 110mm x110mm x30mm
  • Low weight: 140gr.

Mounting set with 4 pcs m3x8 torx bolts and a power cable included


Add-On Set:

DLCP Input board
The DLCP can be used as a digital pre amplifier when the optional “DLCP input board” is bought. This input board can be connected to the DLCP with only 2 flat cables. You can increase the number of analogue inputs to 4 balanced stereo analogue inputs. It has four digital inputs; USB audio, AES (XLR/RJ451), S/PDIF and Optical in. It has two digital outputs; AES (XLR/ RJ451) and S/PDIF.
It’s possible to connect two DLCP’s with only one input board.
Note 1: Switchable on PCB.

DLCP Control board
The serial interface permits control of volume, channel assignment, and input selection, without the need of an USB connection. This control board can be connected to the DLCP Input Board with only one straight through (8-wire) cat5 cable with RJ45 connectors (max. 10 meter).
This controller board contains a LCD display which shows the settings and contains an IR receiver for an IR remote controller. The IR remote (not included) can control volume, mute, input and power. When 2 or more DLCP modules are used, only one control panel is needed.

There are some extra cables available for connecting the audio signals between the DLCP boards and other Hypex products

SMPS / Netzteil:

The new SMPS DLCP Power Supply is a high efficiency switch mode power supply specially designed to be used in combination with our DLCP.
Spacers, mounting set with 4pcs m3 x 8 torx bolts and cable set included


  • Dedicated supply for DLCP (inlcuding Add-on set)


  • High efficiency
  • Universal Mains Input (100V-240VAC/50-60Hz)
  • Extremely small form factor
  • Very Low EMI
  • Class II construction
  • Low AC leakage current
  • Low standby power consumption
  • Low noise output voltages

General features:

  • Remote controlled operation
  • Low weight
  • Compact
  • Fits in 1HE

Electrical features:

  • Input Voltage: 100-264Vac
  • Output Voltage: 2x16Vdc
  • Max. Output power: 10W
  • Switching Frequency: 100kHz

Mechanical features:

  • Weight: 55g
  • Dimensions: 65mm x 53mm x 25 (33)mm


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